Branding and Positioning For Rapid Success

by SaRita Custis

Positioning yourself is an often misunderstood concept, but it's essential if your network marketing business is going to be an ongoing success. Although many people don't learn this until after they've already launched an enterprise, I recommend that you start branding and your business as early as possible, even while you're planning your business.

Once you've identified your market, conducted your research, tested and tweaked your marketing messages, it's time to really promote your brand and position your company for success. 

So, what is a brand?

Basically, a brand is a logo, name or some other identifier that is used in all of your materials to represent you and your company. Frequently, it's something you'll print on your business cards or flyers, place on web pages, etc. Your brand should sum up who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why your prospect should care.

And it's something that you want people to recognize for years to come, so be sure to give your brand careful consideration.

When you first get started in network marketing or launch a new business venture, chances are there are other businesses already established in your field. So in order to stand out from the competition, you need to create a brand that sticks in the minds of your prospects.

Think of creative names, logos, slogans, or jingles that will be easily remembered by the people in your target market. Be distinct; show the world that you have something unique to offer so your clients and prospects are automatically driven to come to you to meet their needs.

Positioning your brand within your market can make a huge difference in sales and your customer base.

If you are able to brand a name that people will easily remember and recognize as the epitome of outstanding products and services, then your job as a marketer becomes much, much easier. Through your brand, you can clearly show people your vision and create instant awareness of the product you are promoting.

So, when people hear your brand and automatically associate you and your company with quality, you'll be ready to deliver that quality product or service the market is looking for.

While it’s true that everyone sees things from his or her own perspective and forms his or her own opinion based on life experience, there's a lot you can do to position your company in a very favorable light.  This is where marketing becomes less about your company's products and services specifically and  more about the entire market in general.

Think for a moment about the current climate in your market and how to use that information to cement your market position.

What problems are prevalent in your industry right now?  Is there a downturn throughout the marketplace, or is business booming?  Are customers’ needs being met, or is there room for improvement in certain areas?

Think, too, about your current competition and how they are using positioning to improve their business.  Is it expensive and inconvenient for customers to switch from one company or one brand to another? If so, one thing you could do is make it easier for customers to come to you so the cost and frustration are not an issue.

Next in your positioning planning, spend some time focusing on your company, products and services.  The key to positioning yourself for success is to answer the question:  “What makes you stand out from your competitor and what advantages does your company has over the competition?”

Compare your prices, convenience, level of service and even company size.  Perhaps you have excellent customer service that's more personal and prompt, and the bigger companies in your field can't compete.  Maybe you have the lowest prices or the strongest guarantees.  Is the quality of your product or service better than that of your competitors?

There are a lot of choices for what to focus on in determining your positioning strategy.  One option would be to focus on specific products or services and their benefits to your prospect.  You could also focus on how and when the product or service will be used and highlight something specific your customer is looking for.   Or, you can position yourself directly against one of your competitors and illustrate for your prospect how much better your company is for meeting their need, or alternately, do everything you can to disassociate yourself from them to avoid comparisons.

The key to remember is that you want to position yourself so that you stand out as the best and obvious choice.  If you can provide friendly, fast, excellent service to your customers, demonstrate that in your marketing by comparing yourself to a larger corporation that can't even come close. Establish yourself in the prospect's mind as the little guy with the big heart who actually listens and hasn't grown so big and cumbersome that he ignores his customers.

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