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Devise a Content Marketing Strategy for Long-Term Success

by SaRita Custis

As advances in technology make video, live streaming, and podcasting more accessible to the average person, many business owners have come to believe that content marketing is no longer relevant. They mistakenly believe that content marketing means putting together a short article, sharing it to get a few backlinks, and then just sitting back and watching the traffic roll in.

That couldn't be further from the truth. Content marketing does not mean writing articles and distributing them around the web. It means sharing valuable information that gets you more exposure, more traffic, more leads and more sales.

Regardless of the chosen medium, all communication and interaction with your audience IS content. And done correctly, smart business owners market their brands, products and services with that content. If you create a video demonstration, that is content. If you stream live and say or do anything, that is content. If you publish a fun and engaging podcast, that is content.

Think of content like a powerful magnet. Every article, video, image, audio — everything that you publish — can be indexed by the search engines and, ultimately, attract visitors to your material. Without good content, there's nothing to attract your audience to you.

Successful content marketing does require some thought and effort. You'll need to devise a strategy for building campaigns that will drive traffic, increase sales and generate more leads.

Your content marketing campaigns should include these 3 critical types of content:


educational content
Educational content is generally the foundation of a content marketing campaign. This is content that is specifically designed to help your target audience answer a specific question or solve a specific problem. Content that is designed to educate can be delivered in any medium and should be simple and straight-forward. Keep in mind, it can also be fun! Educational content serves to elevate your status as an expert or authority figure in the market.


informational content
Sharing information about news, current events, and relevant industry data allows you to leverage what's popular right now. Generally speaking, informational content is time-sensitive so it can't be used for long-term, but it is very useful in gaining exposure when your audience is looking for information about hot topics. Content pieces about news and current events are also frequently shared on social media platforms, giving you additional exposure.


entertaining content
Other than major news stories, the content that is most likely to “go viral” is content that is fun, interesting, and entertaining. In general, this content doesn't have to relate in any way to your business, products or services. It can be something light-hearted or inspirational, funny or perplexing. The focus on entertaining content is 100% on getting attention and encouraging social sharing.

As you build out your content marketing strategy, be sure to consider all three content types to ensure that your campaigns are designed to achieve long-term success.

Content is absolutely essential for any business that markets online. Without high-quality content, it will be extremely difficult to get the kind of exposure and engagement you need to be successful. Content is the very foundation of the internet.

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