Network Marketing Foundation for Success

Network Marketing Foundation for Success

by SaRita Custis

Let's be brutally honest with ourselves here.  Network marketing is all about making money.  You are NOT in charity, you're in business.

That's not to say that you shouldn't support a charity.  But when your business is strong, imagine what you can give to your favorite charity!

OK, so let's look at the Network Marketing company.

A Network Marketing company is simply a vehicle for you to earn more income, period.  As an independent distributor, you are an entrepreneur. As such, you have to regularly deal with partners, workers and suppliers. The beauty multi-level marketing is that you are NOT in business alone; your Network Marketing company is your PARTNER.

Your business will survive if your partners are performing well. In business, people will break partnerships if the relationship isn't profitable. The same should apply in your Network Marketing business as well!

Remember, the company is only a vehicle. If the management team is a mess, the profit margins are low, and the marketing system is not profitable, then it's better to find another company.

Remember this rule: If you are building this business because of your loyalty to a company or to the person who introduced you to the opportunity (your upline), you will FAIL IN NETWORK MARKETING.  Mixing business with emotions is a recipe for disaster.

Having said that, there are some very definite things you should look for when evaluating a Network Marketing company. 

In order to choose the right network marketing company with the right management team, you need to thoroughly investigate:

  • The track record. Does the network marketing company have a solid track record? Do they have a good reputation? Are there excessive, consistent complaints about the company?
  • The commitment of the team. There are some network marketing company owners who build and burn, then build again. Don't waste your time, effort, money, and reputation on company owners who are here today but gone tomorrow!
  • The vision. Does the company have a solid vision for the future growth of the company? Is it obvious that the management team is actively working towards that vision?
  • The capacity to expand. Sometimes, when a new startup company is expanding, they might run into cash flow problems when their sales volume increases! They need to build more warehouses, deal with shipment and pay MORE commissions and bank loans when more and more orders are taken. Just because the teams are growing and the sales are coming in doesn’t mean the company is able to cope.

The #1 factor to evaluate in network marketing is the product. This seems like it should be obvious, right? No matter how good the company, management team, compensation plan or upline, a company — and therefore your distributorship — will NOT survive if the product does not stand the test of time.

As an example, during the 1980s, multivitamin supplement MLMs were going like gangbusters. Because of the rising health needs due to aging populations and people spending more and more hours indoors, there was a high demand for simple solutions that people could use immediately.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that the trend is still growing, so it opened the door to innovation. There are some network marketing companies that came up with supplements that people can use without water. There are even supplements you can take without swallowing! These products cater to people who are always on the run — something that's become more and more prevalent.

Today, MLM companies are not just developing new products…they are engineering new product lines and creating new demand while other, older products are being phased out. So the question you need to answer is…does the demand for your product justify the time and energy you invest in promoting it?

There are many Network Marketing companies that provide products that are evergreen. That means that they offer products that never go out of style, products that have been around for decades with no sign of that changing. This kind of product is ideal for those of us who have home-based businesses because we can focus on growing our companies rather than constantly searching for products to offer.

Get the answers to all of your questions before you invest in any MLM opportunity. Make sure you're working with a solid, reputable management team and a company that delivers high-quality, in-demand products or services. This will ensure you've have taken the first step to building a successful home-based business.

If you're looking for a solid company with a product line that has a market reach and an appeal like none I have ever seen in any other network marketing opportunity, check out this overview

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