Network Marketing Internet Traffic Generation Strategies

by SaRita Custis

You've probably heard someone in your company say that network marketing is a numbers game.  That is, the more people you introduce to your products and opportunity, the more money you’ll earn.

So in order to get your business in front of the most number of qualified prospects, one of the best things to do is generate a steady stream of targeted traffic to your website.

As you look around for ideas, techniques, and strategies, you'll likely run into several.  But from my experience, here are 7 of the most effective methods you can use to get your network marketing message in front of your target audience:

1. Content, Content, Content.   People use the Internet for many things, but one thing almost all users are interested in is information. Use that fact to promote your opportunity by creating high quality content and allowing others to distribute it for you. One method you might want to try is to develop a brandable ebook or special report and share it with other website publishers.  That way the website or list owner can include their own links in the product, but the links are to YOUR content.

2. Get Involved In The Discussion.  Join some of the forums – and there are hundreds of forums online for almost any topic you can think of – that are frequented by your prospects.  When you set up your profile, include a strong message in your signature file.  The signature will be added to every message you post in the forum, so make sure it's a message that will entice your ideal prospects to find out what you're all about.  Then jump in!   This is your chance to provide value by answering questions and giving solid advice to people so they come to recognize you as an expert.

3. Network.  Networking sites are springing up all over the place.  There are generic social networks as well as networks geared toward specific topics and industries.  Join the sites that appeal most to your target audience and get to know other members.  Set up your profile so that your network marketing opportunity is highlighted and offer something compelling to other members that makes it irresistible to them so they'll check it out.

4. Free Advertising.  Place ads for a free gift on classified ad sites.  Set up powerful squeeze pages on traffic exchanges.  Over the past few years, free classifieds and traffic exchanges have gotten a bad rap, but they work!  Especially for network marketers because most of the people who read these sites are entrepreneurs, so you can offer something of value to individuals who are building their businesses.

5. Appeal To The Desire To Win.  One of the greatest internet traffic generation strategies is a contest because people LOVE the prospect of winning something.  To be successful with a contest, though, you'll need to select a prize that will attract people from your target audience.  For example, new laptop as a grand prize will attract every computer user in the world rather than people interested in starting or growing their business.   It can be a challenge, but focus on a prize that appeals to your ideal prospect but that doesn't mean as  much to the general public.  Then, once you're all set, search online for  “Contest Directories” and you’ll find several websites that will allow you to list your contest for no cost.

6. Lights, Camera, Action!  Video marketing is one of the fastest way to drive targeted visitors to your website.  It's a very simple strategy, really.  Simply create a video that provides helpful or entertaining information that will appeal to your target audience and upload that video to the video sharing sites like Youtube.  Be sure to use a keyword phrase that is popular in your market in the title and description of your video, and give the link to your website.

7. Become The Teacher.  Put on free teleseminars and webinars that provide excellent training to other network marketers and entrepreneurs.  Give value and show the people in your market how you can help them reach their goals.  There are services such as and that allow you to do this for free.  Simply find out what questions are being asked the most, plan out and practice a presentation, advertise your free class, and sign up those leads!

Internet traffic generation is not overly complex, but it does take work.  The main thing to remember is that you need to deliver content to the community that adds value and really does help people.

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