Network Marketing Success Depends On Your Team

by SaRita Custis

Your network marketing business will not be successful if your team isn't successful.

The downfall of many network marketers is that they fail to take the human element into consideration. Instead, they mistakenly see the home-based business industry solely as a numbers game, where the only goal is to increase the size of the network at any cost.

Rather than becoming a number-crunching automaton, get in the habit of interacting with your team members and building real relationships.

Here are 5 ideas to help you get started.

MLM Training Course

Develop a course for your new team members. Start with something simple like the absolute basics of network marketing and then add to your course as time goes on. As your business grows, you'll be able to more effectively teach your team members how to implement the more complex, harder-to-understand strategies and tactics.

Your course can be written, audio or video. One of the most effective ways to train your team members is through the use of webinars. If you teach something live, you can then use the recording of that training session as a video in your course, thus saving you time in training future team members.

One important note: In order to keep your team members active and excited, avoid excessive selling in your course. Instead, suggest only products and services that you believe are absolutely necessary and that have been proven to get positive results for new network marketers.

New Network Marketer Manual

Create a “Network Marketing Survival Guide.” Unlike the training course, the manual should be focused on one thing only: helping new network marketers prepare for and handle the most common challenges they're likely to face in the home-based business industry.

Some topics you might want to cover include:

  • A description of your Team
  • How to talk to family and friends without alienating anyone
  • What the home-based business industry is really like
  • A realistic look at what it takes to succeed in MLM
  • What to expect as you get started
  • How to stay positive in the face of rejection
  • What the risks are and how to mitigate them

Focus on providing a comprehensive “field guide” that directs your team members through any potential problem they might run into as a new network marketer.

MLM Team Training System

Set up a system to deliver your training (the course and the Survival Guide) automatically. This way, whenever someone enrolls in your program, they will have immediate access to the same training that all of your other team members have received. This ensure that you're giving everyone on your team a solid foundation for success.

There are several ways to get your training materials in front of your new team members. You don't have to set up a fancy membership site (but you can if you want to). Here is one very simple method:

  1. Set up a private Facebook group that will only be available to your team members.
  2. Set up an email autoresponder specifically for your team members.
  3. Upload any documents, audios, and videos that are part of your course to your private Facebook group.
  4. Write a series of autoresponder messages that guide your team members through the training. You might want to also “pin” a post in your Facebook group that explains in what order the training materials should be viewed.
  5. Set up a sign-up page so new team members can receive the autoresponder messages.
  6. Whenever someone joins, have them sign up to your training.

Regular Contact

The best way to build and retain a tight, strong MLM team is to remain in regular contact with your team members. Why? Because you won't know something is wrong if you're not listening.

Maintain a team member database. Keep track of all of your team members' important information. Record details about things they're interested in, important dates, previous MLM experience, etc. Most importantly, keep notes about any specific contact you have with an individual. You will then have a handy reference for any future contacts.

Contact your new team members immediately. As soon as someone enrolls in your opportunity, contact them to personally welcome them, let then know who you are, and explain what resources are available. Be sure to walk new members through signing up for your training system.

Make yourself available to every team member who needs help. Some network marketers provide their private email address or phone number to every member of their team. Others provide a resource such as a Facebook group where they interact with their team members. Consider what will work best for the way you want to work, and make sure your team members know how to contact you. You'll find that the more accessible you are, the more trusted you will be, and the more likely people are to take your advice and stick around.

Birthday Club

Set up a birthday club where you send your team members birthday cards every year. You might also consider sending gifts to the best performers in your Birthday Club. This could be one of your own products or services or it could be totally unrelated to your business like a funny mug or even a gift basket.

You might also want to send them cards at other times during the year to remind them you're available to help them. Be creative and show your team members how much you appreciate them.

Sending out greeting cards can be time consuming if you go to the store, select and buy the cards, write the messages, address and stamp the envelopes, and get them in the mail – and do it every month.

One possible solution is to outsource it. Hire someone to take care of all of the details and all you have to do is make sure it’s been taken care of. There is also software available that will help with some aspects like addressing and stamping envelopes for you.

The BEST option, however, is to use an automated system that allows you to handle this with a few clicks of the mouse or taps on the phone. Join me for my next product overview to see how easy it can be. Register here ==>

There are a lot of ways you can build up your MLM team; the key is to focus on building relationships. Most importantly, remember that you have to develop this as a habit, not just a skill. You will want to be careful to network and build relationships at every possible opportunity

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