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Marketing Your Business On The Internet – The Secret To Success

by SaRita Custis
You've done your research on your target market. Now what?
content marketing long term success

Devise a Content Marketing Strategy for Long-Term Success

by SaRita Custis
As advances in technology make video, live streaming, and podcasting more accessible to the average person, many business owners have come to believe that content marketing is no longer relevant. They mistakenly believe that content marketing means putting together a short article, sharing it to get a few backlinks, and then just sitting back and watching the traffic roll in. That couldn't be further from the truth. Content marketing does not mean writing articles and distributing them around the web. It means sharing valuable information that gets you more exposure, more traffic, more leads and more sales. Regardless of the […]

Branding and Positioning For Rapid Success

by SaRita Custis
Positioning yourself is an often misunderstood concept, but it's essential if your network marketing business is going to be an ongoing success. Although many people don't learn this until after they've already launched an enterprise, I recommend that you start branding and your business as early as possible, even while you're planning your business. Once you've identified your market, conducted your research, tested and tweaked your marketing messages, it's time to really promote your brand and position your company for success.  So, what is a brand? Basically, a brand is a logo, name or some other identifier that is used […]